2015 performances


2015 Submissions & Judges Picks

Penn Kemp's top picks (with help from granddaughter Ula Chalmers!)

1. 22. Dream Catcher
2. 18. Mathematics Show
3. 17. Looking for the Unknown

Jay Ingram's top picks

1. 8. Trivia Time - Game
2. 18. Mathematics Show
3. 21. Marketplace


Mathematics Community picks

  1. 1. Where should zero go?
  2. 2. Probability
  3. 5. Math magicians
  4. 6. Part of me - math parody
  5. 10. Juntos somos um (We're one)
  6. 11. Four color harkem math
  7. 12. Making 10 at Maria Peregrina School
  8. 13. Turing MPB at Maria Peregrina School
  9. 14. Hypercube Victoria
  10. 19. The ferry

New submission: Shapeville


See judges' picks and comments below.


1. Where should zero go? (grade 2/3)

Penn Kemp: “I liked the way you made a story and my favourite part was the drawing. It taught me that zero is not an even or an odd number.” 

2. Probability (grade 2/3) - lyrics (pdf)

Penn Kemp: “This was interesting with the stuffed animals because they put up speech bubbles. It taught me about fractions. There was luck in the dice rolling but you had to think.”

3. Perfect squares

Penn Kemp: “I liked your song, Joey. It taught me about multiplying numbers.”

4. Electricity adventure (coded in Scratch)

Penn Kemp: “I never knew that hair could stick to balloons because of static electricity! I really liked the animation.”

5. Math Magicians

Penn Kemp: “I liked the rap you sang about math.  I learned about protractors.”

6. Part of me - math parody (coded in Scratch)

Penn Kemp: “I liked the lyrics of your song, especially the math words because they sound really interesting.”

7. Five Math Questions - game

Penn Kemp: “I adored the design and I really liked the music and the big questions."

8. Trivia Time - game

Penn Kemp: “I found the game really tricky and fun.  The design and questions were awesome. I learned about flight.”

9. Art Meets Math! (pdf)

Penn Kemp: “This was way too difficult for me but I did understand it was like a spider graph. It was interesting because the drawings fit the graphs.”

10. Juntos somos um – We`re one (Brazil)

Adobe Flash animation as a video clip made through the students` ideas while composing a song about a convergent series.

Penn Kemp: “I liked the numbers floating in and out of the song. Good job, kids!” 

11. Four Color Harkem Math Shake (Brazil)

Pre-Service Math Teachers perform artistic insights about the 4-Color-Theorem.

Penn Kemp: “I liked how you put the blocks in the exact same places after you messed it up. I liked the energy but it was pretty short.”

12. Making 10 at Maria Peregrina School (Brazil)

Grades 1-5 students from Brazil play a song and skits about the "Making 10" math lesson.

Penn Kemp: “I liked the math words in actions. They kids were really energetic.”

13. Turing MPB at Maria Peregrina School (Brazil)

Grades 6-7 students from Brazil sing a song about the mathematician Alan Turing and the Brazilian popular music. See the lyrics.

Penn Kemp: “We didn’t understand the action but we liked the scene changing.”

14. Hypercube Victoria (Brazil)

A professor plays a convered song called "Votoria" (from the Brazilian Band "Dead Fish"). The professor plays a role as a singer mathematician visualilly  involved in a digital representation of a hypercube.

Penn Kemp: “We loved the graphics.”

15. Equation (Brazil)

Penn Kemp: “With subtitles we learned about equations. The kids had lots of energy.”

16. The Dream (Brazil)

Penn Kemp: “We found the dream funny and it also told you about equations in an imaginative way.”

17. Looking for the Unknown (Brazil)

Penn Kemp - My third pick!: “I found this one the most entertaining and informative.  It’s great when math is presented through theatre and real-life situations that explain the math!”

18. Opening - Mathematics Show (Brazil)

Penn Kemp - My second pick!: “I learned a lot in this presentation!  Loved the real-life drama that explains the equations!” 

19. The Ferry (Brazil)

Penn Kemp: “Another excellent presentation by Matematica Encena of how to use math in real life!”

20. Game Signals (Brazil)

Penn Kemp: “Game signals, aptly titled and well played!”

21. Marketplace (Brazil)

Penn Kemp: “Very entertaining.  I like the student’s explanation of drama as a way to interest them in math.”

22. Dream Catcher: much more than a legend (Brazil)

Penn Kemp - My first pick!: “Certainly the most beautiful and evocative presentation, introducing the legend of dream catchers through their mathematical bases.  Very interesting!”






The Math Performance Festival is funded by the Imperial Oil Foundation, the Fields Institute, Research Western, the Faculty of Education at UWO, and the Canadian Mathematical Society. A project by George Gadanidis (UWO), Marcelo Borba (UNESP, Brazil), Susan Gerofsky (UBC), and Rick Jardine (UWO).